David Estes 2018 Compositing Reel

Demo Reel Breakdown

  • 0:05 "Mighty Magiswords"

Composited the 50 in-house shorts, 92 vlogs, the series closing title sequence, and the series’ 44 unique opening title sequences. Supervised overseas compositing for all 88 episodes of seasons one and two of the series. Created effects (eg. weather effects) and templates (eg. Slideshow) to be used by the overseas studio.

  • 0:15 "Ben 10: Alien Worlds"

Animated/Composited 20 motion-comic style vlogs using still artwork that was provided.

  • 0:22 "Apple & Onion"

Composited the 8 in-house shorts, the original short/pilot, the series opening title sequence and the series pilot episode. Supervised overseas compositing for all ten episodes of season one of the series.

  • 0:29 "OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes: Dendy"

Composited the short and did transparency and glow effects.

  • 0:37 "Ben 10" (Xingo’s Back)

The main episode was done overseas, however there is an arcade game that features prominently in the episode. The animation in the arcade game was created by our team. I composited the arcade game footage, animated the overlays (eg. health and oxygen bar), and integrated this "game footage" into any shots of the arcade console that contained animation from the overseas studio. (shown in the split screen footage at 0:37)

  • 0:46 "We Speak Up"

Composited 18 shorts for the “We Speak Up” Anti-Bully campaign

  • 0:54 "Sunshine Brownstone"

Composited the short

  • 1:04 "Get ‘Em Tommy"

Composited 10 shorts

  • 1:08 "Buddy Buddha"

Composited 8 shorts. Created weather and various effects

  • 1:12 "Lights, Camera, Lexi“ (The New Werewolf on the Block)

Composited the short

  • 1:16 "Jammers"

Composited the short


"Welcome to Chaos" By Ross Bugden