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#1 13-August-2021 10:05

David Estes
Animation Studio Manager
From: Los Angeles
Registered: 10-August-2021
Posts: 16

Welcome to Animation Studio Manager!

Welcome and thank you for checking out my game "Animation Studio Manager"! I am very thankful you're here, and I hope you enjoy it!

A little about me...My name is David. I'm from a mid-Western state in the United States, and I've been working in Los Angeles for over a decade in the animation industry. I've been creating and working on animation my whole life and I also love simulator / management games, so I decided to combine those together and make a simulator game about managing an animation studio!

I've been working on this for about 14 months on nights and weekends and I am very excited as we near this early access release milestone! The Steam game page should go live today with early access starting in about a month on Sept 14th.

I will be uploading and testing build 27 to Steam in the next couple days and will have my play-testers make sure everything works in the port to Steam so hopefully everything runs as smoothly as possible when it releases to the public! However, as this is my first game, I'm sure each step of the way will bring new surprises, so I hope you bare with me as I figure everything out!

With that being said, I hope you enjoy the game, and I look forward to your feedback and suggestions as this game continues through early access and toward completion!



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