Moderate Divide

A live-action web-show I created where I "debate myself" on hot-button topics like Gun Control, Police Brutality, Abortion and Gay Rights.

What was Created:


Ten 11-minute episodes

My contributions:

- Picked the 10 topics based on feedback from a poll involving around 40 people

- Wrote the scripts based on feedback from 7-8 people per script, about 20 people total

- Performed as 7 debaters and the moderator

- Edited the Footage, Removed the Green Screen, Created Background Graphics

- Created Opening Theme Song and score


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Creative Projects

Page Still Under Construction

Buddy Buddha

An animated web-show created by my friend Adam Scarpitta. Buddy is a newly enlightened Buddha who wants to share his wisdom by helping callers with their problems..

What was Created:


Eight 1-minute episodes

90+ Memes

My contributions:

- Co-wrote the 8 scripts

- Directed 1 episode, and co-directed 1 episode.

- Performed the voice of the Buddy, and a couple Background Voices.

- Dialog and Animatic Timing

- Composited and Edited the episodes

- Co-Wrote the lyrics to "Merry Holidays" and mixed the vocals

- Helped generate 90+ Buddy Buddha Memes


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