Independent Contractor

Images from Return of the Killer Shrews, Bigs Wangs Commercial and Scrambled belong to their respective owners.

VFX Supervisor


Triange/Sost Maezen (live-action feature film)
Return of the Killer Shrews (live-action feature film)

Big Wangs (TV Commercial)

My contributions:

- Was on-set VFX Supervisor for Return of the Killer Shrews and Big Wangs

- Supervised the VFX team for Triangle and Return of the Killer Shrews

- Composited effects on Triangle, Return of the Killer Shrews, and Big Wangs.

- Created 3D, CG graphics for  Big Wangs and animated CG creatures for Return of the Killer Shrews

I have worked on effects for independent feature films (live-action and animated), live-action shorts, commercials, promotional videos, educational videos, in-store displays, and videos for live-events

Additional Projects


Kaptara (animated feature film)

pH Solutions (In-Store Displays)
2013 New Year's Eve Display (Los Angeles City Hall)

My contributions:

- Provided additional CG lip-sync animation on Kaptara

- Created motion graphic displays for pH Solutions

- Created CG animation that" interacted" with the Los Angeles City Hall building it was projected onto

VFX Artist


Scrambled (live-action feature film)

Touchdown (live-action short film)

Selfie (live-action short film)

Do The Math (Educational Video)

Bible Videos: The Life of Jesus Christ (live-action short films)

My contributions:

- Wire removal

- Set extension/replacement

- Screen/monitor replacement

- Green-screen removal