Fez & Friends

We were hired by Topher Grace to create the introduction of a "lost" animated version of "That 70's Show".

We created:

A 1 minute short.

My contributions:

- Composited the short and helped "age" it to look like 25 year-old, lost footage.

Doc McStuffins

Due to the spin-off shorts, we were asked to work on part of an episode of the main Disney show as well.

We created:

A <1 minute in-universe "TV Commerical"

to be featured  on the show.

My contributions:

- Composited and edited our "commercial" that would later be integrated into the full episode.

The Doc Files (Doc Mcstuffins Spin-off)

We were hired by Disney to create spin-off shorts to air between seasons of Doc McStuffins.

We created:

Ten 3-minute shorts

My contributions:

- Created the template that was used to integrate the opening title/footage for the shorts into the CG animation from the original show.

- Assisted in compositing for the shorts.

Oddbot Inc.

All images related to Doc McStuffins, The Doc Files, and Lights, Camera, Lexi belong to Disney.

June 2013-Dec 2013, April 2013-June 2013, Nov 2016-Dec 2016.

I was originally hired to create an After Effects template that would integrate/automate a process for them, but then I was hired on to help composite. After that project was complete, I was later brought back for a few more projects.

Random Projects

We were hired by DreamWorks to create an internal video to demonstrate a concept, and hired by Disney and various companies to create animatics.

We created:

An animated presentation

Several animatics in cluding one fully-colored animatic

My contributions:

- Composited the presentation, timed dialog and animatics, and assisted in coloring the fully-colored animatic.

Lights, Camera, Lexi

I was asked to do freelance work on an episode of this Disney show.

We created:

A 3-minute short.

My contributions:

- Helped composite the short.