Animation Studio Manager

Ready to prove to your big-shot Producer Mom you're not a total failure?

Then hire a crew, pump them full of coffee and win awards!
You don't have to sell your soul to make it in the industry...but it helps!!

Game Description:

Build your Animation Studio from hiring your first few Production Employees that make short Webisodes to running a full Award-Winning Corporate Studio, trying to win over your fans and appeal to the critics!

Your motivation? To impress your Mother - a really big-time industry Producer. Of course, there's only one thing she respects: Film Awards! Honestly, your mother doesn't have a lot of confidence in you and usually expects you to embarrass her…will you prove her wrong?

Hire Writers, Animators, Editors and your entire Production crew to start making short Webisodes and TV shorts. They don't make much money, but you have to start somewhere! Keep growing and expanding and as long as you keep hitting your weekly payroll, you can grow your Studio to make longer Web Shows and full TV episodes.

Where to Buy:

The game is currently available on PC from the Steam Store. MAC is currently not available, but is planned to be added in the future.